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Is this growing up?

As I've gained more coding experience, one thing that I've learned is to always think about data flow. Especially in React, where you constantly have to think about state, it's important to always consider how the data is going to flow through the components, while keeping in mind possible future changes to the application. As I grow in my skills, I tend to think more about how I'm going to build a component, while strongly considering what features I may want to add in the future. I try to break things down and keep them extensible. It's important to consider what the component should be in charge of as you're building it. Should it be connected to a redux store? Should it just render something simple and serve as just a presentational component? Does thinking about these things mean I'm growing up as a developer?

You want to write code that’s so simple that anybody can read it.

Maybe this is stemming from my early days of self-teaching, where I was learning all about Python, and something that stuck with me from those days was that “simple is better.” The idea behind this is that rather than writing code that is “impressive” or complex, you want to be the guy writing code that is simple, intuitive, understandable. I believe this to be a trait of a good developer, and it’s definitely something I try to incorporate in my own code as much as possible. I’d rather write something that’s easy to understand, than some esoteric algorithm that you would need to spend half an hour staring at to understand what it’s trying to do (unless of course that is truly necessary to accomplishing the intended goal).

How I like to code at home and elsewhere

I'm usually a late-night coder, mostly because I have to divide my day time between work, family and work-related projects. My ideal environment involves headphones, synthwave/chillwave/retrowave playlists on youtube, and either a cold beer, or a cup of hot coffee. On weekends I tend to code in the morning, and if I'm doing it at home it is usually accompanied by a cup of “KC's Best Coffee,” which is roasted just down the street from me in Mission, KS. If I'm out, I'll usually go to PT's at crossroads, or the Filling Station in Merriam; where my coding session will be accompanied by a hot double-shot of espresso, and occasionally some sort of breakfast food. What's your ideal environment for coding? What helps you keep your focus, or achieve the right mindset?

Join us!

I created this blog as just another avenue for friends and people to share thoughts and ideas about tech and code. Please join us and share anything you may find interesting, whether it's tech related or not!

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If you're using your browser or OS in dark mode, you may have already noticed that this website recognizes your preference and adjusts the coloring to match either light or dark modes. This was accomplished through the @media tag in CSS, and the 'prefers-color-scheme' tag. The CSS looks something like this: @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { } Where the element details and color definitions go into the {}. Let us know if you have any ideas, or questions about any aspect of this website! You can reach me through the link in the About page. -Filipe

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